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107 Hallway units

Often neglected, the hallway, instead, requires a lot of care when it comes to furniture and decoration. This room is the business card of our apartment, the first place our guests see and the last one when they leave. There are houses with a specific area assigned to the entrance and others that let people directly into the living or dining room. Even so, you can’t do without a specific space where to welcome your guests. The main pieces of furniture that you need are the coat hanger or coat stand, a console table and a mirror to check yourself out before leaving! You can enrich the hallway with an umbrella stand, a shoe cabinet, and a small armchair.
If you have enough space you can add a wardrobe, maybe with mirrored doors to make the entrance look larger and brighter.
If there isn’t much space then you have minimal solutions available: choose a hallway unit! This kind of furniture offers in one piece all the functions of things you usually need in the hallway: hangers, mirrors, small storage, shelves, drawers and for the more complex models even wardrobes and seats.
Choose a classic style hallway unit to give your house a glam touch while for more informal and easy going houses choose a contemporary style hallway unit that will welcome your guests with style and personality! ... More ... less


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